The Ghost of Hedwig

April 4, 2012 clifftop CliffNotes

The ghost of Hedwig, Harry Potter’s faithful friend, has arrived in Red Bud. The Snowy Owl is hanging around Pumpkin Blossom Hill, just east of town along Highway 154. Dan Peck of Sparta was heading home Thursday afternoon (Jan. 26, 2012) when he noticed an unusual white owl-looking bird on a power pole. He called […]


owlsSnowy Owl in Southwestern Illinois

Something to Hoot About: Owls

April 4, 2012 clifftop CliffNotes

Great-horned owl, T. Rollins

  Owls enjoy our special fascination. Perhaps it’s because they are a caricature of us: with upright, sometimes cuddly-looking, vertical posture, big, cheeky and expressive faces with large, emotive eyes, and cute little ears. But they really are the bird version of a wolf in sheep’s clothing: like a cat with wings, they are skillful […]


Natural History in Monroe St. Clair and Randolph Counties Illinoisowls

Early Spring in Our Bluffs: Grass, Frogs, Owls & More

February 7, 2007 clifftop CliffNotes

Spring has already arrived in the wooded bluff lands of Monroe and Randolph Counties. High above Bluff Road, on the limestone ledges of the bluffs’ escarpment, whitlow grass is blooming. A little plant, hairy-stemmed, with tiny, white, four-petaled flowers, whitlow grass really isn’t a grass, but a member of the mustard family. It is a […]


owlsspring peepersspringtime in bluffs

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