Spring Beauties

Bluff lands Bloom with Vivid Floral Colors

April 4, 2012 clifftop CliffNotes

Johnson trail flowers, P. Feldker

  By mid-March our blufflands will cast off the doldrums of winter drabness and begin to color its landscape with every imaginable shade, as wave after wave, from spring to first frost, of native wildflowers come into bloom. The first flowers to blossom are called spring ephemerals, and their life strategy is a race against […]


Spring Beautiesspringtime in bluffsVirginia bluebells

Geese Trumpet and Call In the Spring

March 7, 2007 clifftop CliffNotes

Canada Geese abstract, T. Rollins

Canada geese truly herald and trumpet the arrival of spring over the bluff lands of Monroe, St. Clair, and Randolph Counties. Conservationist and hunter Aldo Leopold said it best in 1940 with the observation “…one skein of geese, clearing the murk of a March thaw, is the spring.” Canada geese are very much family creatures. […]


BloodrootCanada GeeseCleft PhloxMourning Cloak ButterfySpring Beautiesspringtime in bluffs

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