Land Stewardship Assistance

Clifftop works to help private landowners maintain and enhance their acres for wildlife habitat and healthy natural settings. As hands-on volunteers, we know from experience the labor, time, and patience this often back-aching work entails. But we also know the rewards: forested acreages no longer choked with bush honeysuckle, new oak and hickory sprouts growing sturdily in sunshine patches, hill prairies and glades freed from woody growth, and wildlife that thrives in conditions that provide better food, shelter, and opportunities.

A variety of technical services and cost-share incentive programs for landowners can help with stewardship work and include:

The following programs are administered through the Natural Resources Conservation Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

Landowners often need additional professional help and advice, and may wish to hire a private contractor for land stewardship work. We have provided a list of Consulting Foresters and Forestry Contractors. This listing is not intended as an endorsement of the companies or individuals listed, but is provided as a public service. We encourage landowners to explore and investigate all options for work on their property.



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