Science & research

You can hear the words: “What’s THAT?”

'what's that' T. Rollins

Tom Rollins, Thomas Rollins Photography

That question, and additional ones, such as “how many,” “where,” “could this be the reason….,” typify research.

Research and scientifically-grounded analysis animate much of the work we do. Science and research provide us with ways and alternatives to ask better questions and learn how to be more informed in the tasks we do.

Several research efforts are on-going in our bluff lands. Clifftop has helped facilitate a number of these projects and we’re excited to share the current findings. We’re looking forward to seeing many of these projects continue and will post new findings as they are reported to us.

To view projects, please click on the links:

BioDiversity Inventories for the Hill Prairie-Karst Sinkhole Plain Corridor.

White Mine Habitat Transformation.

BioBlitz at Salt Lick Point Land and Water Reserve.

Buettner Glades and Salt Lick Point LWR Floristic Studies.

Amphibians in Sinkhole Ponds and Best Management Practices.

Soil Microbial Ecology in Remnant Hill Prairies in the Great Rivers Confluence Area: Invasion and Edge Effects.



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