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Let’s Boot Bush Honeysuckle Off the Land!

October 5, 2010 clifftop CliffNotes

hunting honeysuckle, P. DauBach

The story usually is told as “put a frog in boiling water and he’ll jump out, but put him in water and slowly raise the temperature and he’ll just sit there and cook to death.”  While we’re all lots more used to frogs – boiled or not – most of us recognize the camel’s nose […]


bush honeysuckleinvasive plantsSuckle Shoot

“Green Chaos” of Natural Landscapes or Monoculture of Invasive Plants?

September 4, 2009 clifftop CliffNotes

raccoon, P. Feldker

Writer John Fowles spent a portion of his childhood in rural England when his family moved from a London suburb to escape World War II blitzkrieg attacks on the city.  His memory of life in the country, particularly life in a setting with woodlands, was, he later wrote, “Slinking off into trees was always slinking […]


benefits of native plantsinvasive plantsNatural History in Monroe St. Clair and Randolph Counties Illinois

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